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This Sacrament is vitally important, and should certainly be received by any person who is troubled and disturbed in conscience because of sin, or by any Christian who wishes to deepen one’s spiritual life and advance in holiness. No one should approach Our Lord’s Precious Body and Blood in the Holy Communion in a state of sin; for this reason, if there is any question at all about the state or health of one’s soul, one should seek the spiritual counsel and advice of a Priest, and receive this Sacrament for the forgiveness of all sins— then one can approach the Holy Mysteries properly and reverently.

When we make a confession to a priest, we tell them the things we have done wrong.  We are given advice and counsel, and the priest then pronounces absolution.  Absolution is when a priest declares we are forgiven our sins in the name of Jesus himself. Absolution lets us know for sure that that those things on our conscience are put away for ever, and that God forgives us.

Auricular Confession for Anglicans is underused. Everyone thinks of it as a Roman Catholic practice but it is a practice for Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutherans as well. There is an old Anglican saying regarding who ought to: "All Can, Some Should, None Must.It is clear from the New Testament this practice took place in apostolic times, and many find it today a freeing gift and wonderful source of strength.

The clergy of All Saints’ are always available each day to hear confessions either before or after each celebration of the Mass.  Please be in touch if you would like to find another time more convenient, or want to make an appointment for spiritual direction.

The clergy are always happy to talk beforehand about how to make a good confession with anyone who has never used this sacrament before.

If what you are looking is Spiritual Direction (also known as Spiritual Accompaniment), speak to Fr Antonio or use our partner SPIDIR. Click on the link below to go to their website.

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