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First Holy Communion

At All Saints we want children to belong as fully as possible and to benefit from participation in Holy Communion from a young age. Being admitted to Holy Communion is an important step on our spiritual journey with God. Holy Communion is about participation in the life of the Church by partaking fully in the celebration of the Eucharist, and we reverently and enthusiastically embrace this sacrament.

All Saints will be running a preparation course for Admission to Holy Communion.  Anyone in year 3 or above is welcome to join.  The course will start after the Easter holidays and will run once a week for five weeks, ending with a rehearsal in church.

For further information please speak to one of the clergy.

Many people remember that in the past they had to wait until they were confirmed to receive communion.  But the present practice of admitting children to communion at a younger age reminds us that children are fully members of the church through baptism, and are just as capable of making a faithful and sincere response to God’s love as adults.Admission to First Communion is not the same as Confirmation, because the teaching focuses primarily on the significance of communion, rather than on other aspects of the Christian faith. Children who take communion at an early age are encouraged to think about being confirmed later, as teenagers or young adults.

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